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We're delighted to announce that Dawkes Music have just launched the V-Pad! These Vegan Saxophone pads were created in collaboration with Pisoni (one of the worlds leading pad manufacturers) and have been tested be professional players and repairers. Dawkes have these pads available to use for servicing or repairs, and you can also buy the pads direct from their website. Check out the Dawkes website for the full tech details of these pads.

Vegan servicing

When having your sax service there are a few key items to check to ensure that they're vegan:

Shellac - This is typically animal derived, but synthetic options are available such as those from Music Medic. (N.B. 2 of their 3 options are synthetic)

Felt - check this is synthetic as sometimes felt is made from wool. (Other alternatives are Music Medic Black Magic

and Ultra-suede)

Cork - this is naturally vegan

Glue - many repairers use Evo-Stick, which is synthetic

Lubricants - check with the repairer but most are synthetic

Pads - V-Pads by Pisoni, in collaboration with Dawkes Music.

Strap Sambeat Vegan Neckstrap by RightOn! available from Reisser Musik (Germany with worldwide shipping)

If you are a repairer who is able to offer vegan servicing, please let us know so that we can share this with our members! You can contact us on

Workshops offering Vegan servicing (by special request) include:

- Dawkes Music

- SH Music

- Headwind Music

Directory of animal free products

We are delighted to be collaborating with the good folk at Dawkes Music on creating a directory of saxophone accessories clearly labelling which products are free from animal-based ingredients and that are not tested on animals.

If you would like to help with the creation of this directory please get in touch on

Brands that have confirmed to us that their products are vegan* are:

Legere Reeds

Vandoren - all products are vegan except those containing leather

Rovner - A products are fully vegan to the best of their knowledge, but cannot 100% guarantee due to supply chain

* For products to be described as vegan we asked manufacturers to confirm that the products do not contain any animal or animal derived ingredients and that the company does not engage in any testing on animals

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